People are loving the love this peon has for his wife, and furious at the comments he got!

Rarely do we find wholesome content on Twitter, and when we do, we make sure to share it with everyone!

A girl on Twitter who goes by the name posted how the peon of her HOD was distributing sweets amongst everyone celebrating the success of his wife completing her Masters in Zoology:

But people had the weirdest comments to give, taking away from his happiness:

And this man’s happiness is literally goals, however, the reaction he got from people was heart breaking and had the netizens furious!

Jo baat hai:

Some just couldn’t believe the comments:

People were sharing similar stories and it was heart warming:

Soch soch ki baat hai:


People were proud of the man:


And the difference is very clear:

The real kings!

Sad indeed:

People were lauding the man:

Dusron ki khushi mei khush rehna seekhein:

We stan this reply!


People were appalled at the audacity:

When will our society stop focusing on the negatives:




Some were hopeless:

We stan a man who knows the importance of education! What do you think about this bittersweet tweet and people’s reactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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