This girl’s story of graduating after losing her parents is winning the Internet

Parents are indeed the most precious of beings, with their love so pure, all they want is to see us prosper. A girl on Twitter shared how she lost her parents and didn’t think she’ll make it through. But she did and the internet is just so proud of her!

And the internet just couldn’t hold back the happy tears!

She deserves the world!

We bet!

Go and tell your parents you love them right now!

Even the people who saw her tweet for the very first time were incredibly proud:

People were sending her prayers for her future life to come:

People could only imagine what the pain of losing both the parents would be like:

Everyone was sending her words of encouragement:

It’s good to be reminded of the things you take for granted:

People were reminding her of the queen she is!

People were lauding her strength:

Many were reassuring her that her parents are always with her in spirit!

People wanted her to continue with the same passion:

She inspired many!

It definitely is!

Sky is the limit, B!

People were amazed at her determination to keep going and not give up:

A great one for sure:

A sweet dad also assured her how proud he was:

She earned the respects of many:

They do…

Kudos to her resolve:

The queen we stan, yaaaas!

People were telling their own stories and how they’ll be working even harder for their parents:

This is everything!

The positivity we all needed in our life today!

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