Jemima discovered she has a cousin Wiki from Wikileaks, thanks to this scholar

Jemima just found out about her cousin Wiki from Wikileaks, thanks to Mufti Kifayatullah!

During Waseem Badami’s show 11th hour, Mufti Kifayatullah revealed how he’s sure that Wiki, who he thinks is behind Wikileaks is Jemima Goldsmith’s cousin and you need to see the video to believe us!

In a tweet, Waseem Badami shared a 2 minute clip where him and Mufti Kifayatullah are arguing about an apparent Wiki from Wikileaks and despite Waseem Badami trying to to tell him that the person behind Wikileaks is Julian Assange, Mufti sahab was adamant that his nickname was Wiki. The tweet soon reached Jemima Goldsmith and she too was shocked to find out about her cousin 😂

Jemima then tweeted how she can’t wait for him to find out about her other “cousins:”

And the internet was having a great time:

Waiting for the next great exposé:

Pura khandaan expose hoga abhi:

Some were living for the entertainment:

You learn something new everyday…

Some were waiting for the family reunion:


People were requesting Jemima to stop his cousins:

They do match waisay, Jemima and Panama, hmm:

Some were tweeting Imran Khan’s possible reaction to her tweet:

A cousin she didn’t know she had:

Jo baat hai!

People were living for Jemima’s sarcasm:

And even though it was hilarious, it made people realize things:



What do you think about Mufti Kifayatullah’s theories? Let us know in the comments below!

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