This girl turned Momin Saqib’s ‘O Bhai Maaro Mujhay’ meme into a song and it’s catchy!

One of the biggest takeaways of the India-Pakistan CWC 2019 match was Momin Saqib’s little video after the match which quickly became one of the most famous memes on all desi platforms!

And this girl actually took the meme to the next level by turning it into a actual song and it’s just the right amount of catchy and cute!

And the internet just can’t believe how good it actually sounds:

For sure!

It had some missing the team playing with our emotions!

It’s been half an hour and we just can’t stop singing it!

It was the best thing people had seen all day:

It took the top spot in many people’s playlists:

It was a saviour for many:

You tell us!


People loved her little performance:

It was a great way to revisit the original meme:

People were lauding the girl:

Same 😭

People had it playing on loop!

Some still preferred the original:

People were living for her energy!


It was making the quarantine better for many:

Some even thought that it deserved a grammy:

Some were left amused:


Some went as far as saying that the song had immortalized one of the most important events in cricketing history:

People were praising her Momin Saqib style!

What do you think of her cute performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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