People are using city names to describe certain situations and it’s hilarious!

Let’s say it once and for all, you can’t beat desis and their crazy sense of humour when it comes to creative trends on the social media!

Today the twitterati are at their finest using city names to describe certain situations and it’s straight up hilarious!

What started with a simple tweet on Karachi, was quickly picked up by others who added their own twist to the city names:

Murree has it’s own charm!

Want more?

People added country names to the list too!

Aur kya:

I quitttttt:

Relationship status: Mianwali

Hum bhi heraan ho gaye:

Bahaaron phool barsaao, mera gujjar aya hai:

Batao, koi tha?

Ohhh-kayyyy, never looking at Sukkur the same way:

Mom, dad, please, it’s for a good cause:

Ara hoooon!

Even Delhi made a surprise appearance:

Apki bhi kher ho janaab:

Khariyan, call later!

Peendi hai?

Mera Dupatta attock gaya hai:

Faisala kab karyogamy dost?

Even Dubai made it to the list:

Sad, and true:

Bhai hum peshawaraana khandaan se hain:

Lmao, character assassination!

Same, bro!

Rude but, okay!

Just jabbing puns at ya!

Jaldi Taxila yar, late ho rahi hoon:

Belt lagalo:

Pak is definitely a 10 out of 10:

What do you think about the replies? Aren’t they creative? Let us know in the comments below!

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