This girl thinks Pakistani designers are charging way too much, and many agree!

A girl shared on Twitter how the prices of designer clothes are getting way out of hands for no reason. She also tried comparing Pakistani designers to Indian designers:

And the internet had her schooled on what the actual prices were for the designer wear:

Some wondered what designers she was talking about:

Many shared how finding bridals under 100k is close to impossible:

Some suggested that smaller designers be given a chance!

Some shared how they all look the same:

Many pointed out how the currency in India was better:


Some had theories:

Many shared how this amount was still affordable:

Some agreed with her:

People were happy someone said it:

We love a good bargain:

Some shared how they find the prices not even worthy:

Some wanted to know if these designers even pay their taxes:

Some shared how they plan on saving on clothes at their wedding:

Some educated her on how there’s a bridal dress that fits every budget in Pakistan:

Many did the math for her and compared the prices:

What do you think about the bridals being this pricey these days? Let us know in the comments below!

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