This Girl Thinks Islamabad Has Everything One Could Ask For, But The Internet Thinks Otherwise!

Being the capital of the country, one would think Islamabad has it all, making it one of the perfect cities to live in, but is that the case?

This girl shared how she thinks Islamabad is the best city to live in, but twitter disagrees!

Good food is an experience!

Some tried flirting their way in smoothly:

A clear winner!



People took a dig at the crime rate bit:


We take our biryani problems very seriously:

Savage 😂


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner:

Lol 😂

Things that matter:

Shots fired!

They can never sing ‘sanu nehr waalay pull te bula ke’:

Some thought it was a robotic city:

Haha, true that!

Some kept adding to the list of good things:

Do you think Islamabad is the perfect city to live in? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. 5 things famous about pindi/isb. Zameen hamwar nahi, darakht phaldar nahi, mausam ka aitebar nahi, banda wafadar nahi aur khana zaiqadar nahi

  2. .. I’m currently living in Islamabad and got to know that how true it’s “zameen phaldar nahi, mosam ka aetabaar nahi, loog wafadar nahi”
    People of Islamabad r very rude and rigid.

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