This Girl Shared How Churails Has Changed Nihari For Her & We Kinda Agree!

If you’ve seen Churails like us, you know you don’t see nihari with the same loving eyes and salivating mouth as you used to before, and y’all know why!

This girl tried having nihari today and couldn’t down a single bite, thanks to Sania Saeed and her nihari making skills:

And the tweeps who had seen the series, agreed whole heartedly!

She did!


She had fans:

She really had one!

Haha, been there!

Haina? Acha khaasa bhool gaye the:

Some found the scene satisfying though:

Some weren’t big fans of the scene:

Same 😭

People were calling Sania Saeed a legend!

Oh, we do!

Hannibal, another series we couldn’t stomach!

And while most people knew the context, others were still clueless:

What did you think of the nihari scene in Churails? Did it change the way you look at nihari? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It is obvious that this lady has no idea about a home made extremely hygenic niharii. Well obviously she is used to eating extremely unhealthy shit available in the market.

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