Videos Of A Bear In Karachi Zoo Panting For Water Goes Viral & People Demand Immediate Action!

Few months ago people were celebrating elephant Kaavan’s freedom from the miseries of the Islamabad Zoo. And today people are praying for a parched bear in Karachi Zoo to be rescued.

Pictures and videos of the thirsty and frail looking bear from Karachi Zoo have been going viral on social media, and people have a lot of questions:

Actress Armeena Khan asked for help:

Actress Mashal Khan took to her Instagram to share that there’s a petition being filed to save the bear:

Actress Anam Tanveer too questioned the management:

A girl shared fitting words from Prophet (PBUH):

People were sharing how its not just this bear that’s miserable, but almost every other animal at the zoo:

People wanted to help:

Many believed that zoos must be banned:

People could barely look at the feeble state of the bear:


We keep wondering the same:



Many were wondering what’s the point of zoos if they can’t take care of the animals:

People were furious!

People were disgusted:

People were concerned:

People were demanding accountability:

There’s been a constitutional Petition being filed and here’s how you can help the cause:

Have you signed the petition already? Let us know in the comments below!

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