#MangniMubarakHania Makes Top Trend On Twitter & We’re As Confused About It As Hania Is!

Twitter is a wild place with a sea of hashtags that can make or break people.

And lately, the hashtag #MangniMubarakHania has been in one of the top trends on twitter and people think it’s about Hania Aamir. Hania herself is just as confused:

When in reality the hashtag was trending for a random girl named Hania on her engagement by her group of friends:

But it was too late to correct people who had started congratulating Hania Aamir:


Shots were fired:

People were adding memes to the hashtag depicting Hania’s reactions:

People were not happy with the way things were happening:


Khushfehmiyan check karein:

Lmao, itni shiddat se toh inko apni mangni ka bhi intezaar nai hoga:

The joke’s kind of on you guys 🤷‍♀️

Maaf kardoh yar:

Lo bhaee!

“Boss meine kiya kya hai:”

Hahahahaha 🔥



Tricked by the hashtag people were demanding quality control in regards to hashtags on the app:

She does!

What are your thoughts on people believing everything they see ok the internet? Let us know in the comments below!

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