This girl just shared what it’s like being a woman in a desi society and others are adding on!

Life is hard, especially if you’re a woman. In an already patriarchal society, this girl shared what it’s like growing up in a desi society:

And others kept on adding what she had missed:

‘Sit like a lady:’


‘Khud pasand kiya tha, ab bhugto:’

‘Aurtein sirf kitchen mei kaam kerti hueen achi lagteen hain:’

‘Boys will be boys:’


‘Chakkar chalaye huay hain:’

‘Jaldi jaldi family complete kerke faarigh ho jao:’

‘Allah beta bhi dega jaldi:’

Aurat hi aurat ki subse bari dushman hai:

And while this may seem exaggerated to some, many people agreed how this a 100% true:

Almost all women could relate:


If only it was this easy:

Even a few men came forward and agreed how the society has been treating women:

Nah mate:

Some came forward with ‘nOt aLL wOmEn:’

Some thought it was bullshit:

Can you relate? Let us know in the comments below!

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