This girl is sharing her own nudes to stand in solidarity with Rabi Pirzada and the internet is appalled at the stupidity

As private pictures and videos of Rabi Pirzada surfaced the internet, many stood by her side calling out the culprits for breach of privacy. And while the internet was all for standing in solidarity with Rabi Pirzada, a girl named Fauzia Ilyas took things in a whole different direction:

In a post on Facebook, Fauzia urged other women to come forward and share their nudes with the hashtag #IAmRabiPirzada and she began by uploading hers.

According to Fauzia’s logic, it’s the nudity that offends people and honestly, we’re trying to find logic here. Fauzia also added the hashtag #NoBodyShaming and somehow turned it all about body shaming, closing her eyes to the real issue which remains breach of privacy.

And the internet was just not having it! The hashtag #IAmRabiPirzada was a top trend ever since her Facebook post:

And the internet was going nuts!

People were calling her out:

Some thought it was entertainment for the desperate lot out there:

People told her how there are sever other ways to stand in solidarity:

People were not okay with normalizing nudity in the name of solidarity:

Many agreed how the idea was simply stupid:

Fighting for privacy by exposing your own is never the right way:

People reminded her what the real issue was:


And that it wasn’t in any way related to body shaming:

Some were of the opinion that this was more of a #CheckOutMyBody campaign:


All the tharkis on the internet were having a ball:

Many were convinced that it was time to leave the planet:

Others compared it to that of being murdering yourself to support the murdered:

Some told others how posting pictures of their own was making matters worse:

Some thought she had an agenda:

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  1. It’s good to support her but not this way which fozia chooses, including me majority mens search to see leaked video and photos it means we are all corrupt, it’s not a very big issue what she did in her personal life, we all do lot of things in our personal life if we know each others personal life then we can’t face each others. Just learn to live your life and don’t try to lead others life

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