These desi tweets on Desi Halloween are way too funny!

The world just got done celebrating Halloween and while desis were busy arguing if it’s Halal or Haram, legends were tweeting out what desi Halloween looks like in Pakistan and honestly, they’re absolutely hilarious!

That’s how we roll:

The scariest thing:

Some thought of dressing as Tabdeeli:

Now that’s one heck of a costume:

Ranveer’s Halloween costume definitely won the internet:

Shots were fired:

No one can beat desi mums, literally and figuratively!


Isn’t it?

The truth we didn’t need to hear:


Now that was smoooooooth, #HalalPickupLines!

We see them everyday on our timeline!

True that:

Yar Phupho ka mazaak nai!

Lmao 😂

Stop hitting too close to home * mildly offended *

I mean might as well dress for the occasion:

People were really creative with them ideas:

Jahan dekho joker:

We stan them gulaab jaamuns!

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