This Girl Challenges Know-It-All Pakistani Men To Guess These Objects & Their Replies Will Make You LOL!

Every few days men and women challenge each other to guess what’s in the picture they post, from beauty blender to car tools, they think they know it all.

Keeping up with the trend, a girl challenged all the men to guess what this is:

And it’s very easy if you’re a girl, but the guesses these men had are wild!

Someone thought they were ludo ki gotiyaan 😂

You also need a special screw driver to tighten them:

Aisa confidence chahiye life mei:

To add to the dilemma, girls kept dropping hints:

Sir, no!


You wish!

Finding the perfect ones is sheer luck!

Ma’am, no!

Hahahahahaha 😂

Many took a different approach on trying to guess:

Yeh check karein:

Omg, FACT!



Yeh toh hai!



Can you guess what these are? Let the comments begin!


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