Things all 90s kids will relate to!

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ve seen it all and have lived through 3 decades, here are things that all you 90s kids will relate to as they take you back to the memory lane!

1. Drawing on magazines

Back in the days when we didn’t have computers, we were all artists!

2. Mini game

I’m sorry but play stations and x-boxes will never compare to this little monster we had!

3. Fixing the cassette

From take recorders, to CD players to MP3 players to iPods and now phones, nothing comes close to our desi jugaar of fixing cassettes with a pencil!

4. The fancy pencil boxes

One of their kind back in the days, every single one of us has owned one of these boxes in our life!

5. Collecting stickers from kiddies wafers

Every 90s kid will remember their fridge being full of the stickers that they got from kiddies wafers, even us girls who barely knew anything about wrestlers!

6. Chewing up them pencils

Yeh iPad waalay bachay kya jaanein pencils chew kernay ka swaad!

7. Ice lollies

Who remembers saving up their pocket money to buy one of these ice lollies on the way back from school in summers!

8. Exam board

The only thing that would get he excited for exams, shashkay!

9. Geometry box

Maths chaahay aye na aye, geometry box leke maths aanay ki feel toh aa hi jati thi.

10. Fighting over what to watch on TV

With mobiles having everything in the palm of your hand, you can only laugh at the times you used to fight with your siblings over what to watch!

Can you relate to these? Let us know in the comments below!

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