These Viral Samina Peerzada Memes Will Make You Say ‘Dayyumm’

Actress, host, director and producer Samina Peerzada is the epitome of grace and an absolute sweet heart in real life. She has been hosting the show Speak Your Heart for quite some time now but only recently have her questions caught the attention of the internet and they just can’t stop making memes about it!




I swear yar, the baybassi is unmatched!


Juice ka dabba chhorein, khaali thheli se bhi patakha mara hai!




Haye, kayi bar!




Aisay hi thori na degree li hai :p




Aisi waisi?




Kya yad diladiya yar!




Bus, mat puchhein!


Apne shohar ka…


LOL, remember the Saba asking for loan wala zamaana?

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  1. She is a graceful lady but her questions are so erratic and sudden that she breaks the whole temp of discussions. For example take the lockdown interview with ABIDA PARWEEN.

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