These Kids Ordered A Drone Online But Got An Empty Box Instead & The Heartbreak Is Real!

Nothing compares to the excitement of receiving the item you ordered and unboxing it, but unfortunately for these kids, things didn’t go as smoothly:

This cute trio ordered a drone via Daraz for themselves, but when they received their package, they realised that they had gotten played. Seeing their excitement turn sour, the netizens are taking matters into their own hands and are demanding that they get their drone ASAP!



The heartbreak was real:

People were furious!

They do!

People had memes:

People were offering to send them one instead:

Lmao, now that’s intense:

Definitely need to learn to be this calm and composed during situations:


People have been contacting Daraz on their behalf:


The innocence ❤

People were calling it the fraud of the century:

We all did…


People wanted nothing but the drone for the kids:

Us too 😔

People couldn’t help but relate to their mum shading them 😂




The kids had already made fans:

The kids run a YouTube channel which looks like a lot of fun:

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