PEMRA Bans The Gala Biscuit Ad & People Are Divided!

Mehwish Hayat has been teasing us all with a little something from a few days, turns out it’s her ad for Gala Biscuits:

While the ad itself was met with divided feedback from the audience, PEMRA too raised a series of concerns regarding the ad, which, investigations Editor, Ansar Abbasi calls a ‘mujra:’

And people have a lot to say!

People didn’t find anything wrong:

People were sharing how no one had a problem with Tarang’s ad:

People didn’t think the ban could apply to it:

People had a problem with Ansar Abbasi calling it a mujra:

People were throwing shade at Ansar Abbasi:


You never know…

People didn’t find any problems within the ad:

People loved the ad:

People agreed it was a rather irrelevant ad, but not enough to ban it altogether:

People found the notice to be absurd:

People wanted to know how Gala was any different than Come and Pepsi:

And while many disagreed with PEMRA, others still couldn’t make sense out of the ad:

People who had their reservations on the ban culture too think it’s time women stop being objectified:

People found the ad to be in bad taste:

People were calling it an item number:

Some had questions:

People found the ad to be dumb:

People really want advertising agencies to move forward:

People were calling the ad a waste of money:

People were trying to find a connection:

People were calling it a marketing nightmare:

What do you think about the ad? Is the ban justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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