Arshad, The Viral Chaiwala Now Has His Own Cafe & Bigger Dreams!

Remember the blue eyed chai wala who went viral a few years back? He’s back in the spotlight with a chai cafe of his own in Islamabad.

And people are just so proud of him seeing him groomed and dedicated:

People were amazed:

People were happy that he used his fame for the right reasons:


People were wishing him best of luck for his plans:


People were just so proud of his dreams:

People were glad to see him:

People were living for his take on education and skills:

People were thanking the photographer who changed his life:

True that:


Spot on!

People were calling him an example of how one should rise:

People found it heart warming:


People also took this opportunity to throw shade at Nimra:


People also couldn’t help but notice the stark resemblance to a Turkish actor:


People were calling him an inspiration for the youth:

Arshad’s cafe serves around 15-20 items apart from tea and we just can’t wait to visit him!

What do you think about this amazing glow up? Let us know in the comments below!

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