These illustrations on life before internet will take you back in time!

The Internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time, ever since the mobile phones have advanced, internet has become a necessity for everyone.

An artist Ali Miri (@alimiri) shared his take on life before internet and it is absolutely beautiful and is guaranteed to take you back to the golden days:

What every evening used to look like after school:

Making figures with your hands in candle light was a sports of it’s own:

Anxiously waiting for your father coming home with your favourite snacks was something we’ll always cherish:

This is what drives looked like before Snapchat and Instagram:

This is what children did in their leisure time:

We used to create our happiness:

What spending time with Nanis and Dadis looked like:

When we used to build forts:

When playing with mattresses was the best thing we had:

Remember this? Us too!

How watching cartoons together was therapeutic:

When our elder siblings were our first tutors:

When school was not to be missed no matter what the circumstances:

When the camera pictures would develop and then we’d spend the whole day deciding what pictures to put in the album:

When letters mattered:

When drives were all about meaningful conversations:

When greetings were expressed via hand made cards rather than tags on social media:

What are your fond memories of life before internet? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Yes.. writing letters to elders and friends…playing stapo…chupan chupai…jumping ropes…..bait bazii with our father…kasoti…..pitho garam…cricket inside room and in patios…and lot more

  2. nostalgic pictures..truly expressing childhood. those all together viewing cartoon in one single tv, massaging elders by humid walkover their back, dad’s arrival , evening outdoor games were all bliss. shall hope and try to regenerate in our kids too.

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