Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza’s vacation picture has the internet swooning and swearing at the same time!

High school sweet hearts Satwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza are truly one of our favourite couples, their story nothing short of a fairy tale and their vacation in Rome? Even dreamier!

The couple has been on a getaway to Rome and have been sharing their vacation with their friends and fan on social media. And while people have been loving the cute pictures, one picture in particular has had the internet going nuts:

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When in Rome….. #fahadmirza #sarwatgillani

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Fahad Mirza shared a picture from their vacation where both can be seen showing a little public display of affection, and fans are torn over it:

People were disgusted at the comments under the original post:

Many were calling the trolls out on their hypocrisy:


Shots were fired, that too savage ones:


Some were living for the wholesome stuff:

Sarcasm on point:

There were some who thought that we should keep our opinions to ourselves:

It’s too late now…

People were in awe of the couple:

Some had a simple mantra:

And while a ton of people didn’t have a problem with the picture, many had their reservations:

Some thought the world didn’t need to be a part of their romance:

Some were appalled:

Some were just not having it:

Wait till you find out how babies are conceived:

Some found it to be vulgar:

Some didn’t find it adorable at all:

There were questions regarding their religion:

Some had real strong opinions:

Many pointed out how both shouldn’t forget where they’re from:

People were looking for sharam:

Some thoghthey ruining the youth’s mindset:

What do you think about the picture? Let us know in the comments below!

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