The internet thinks there’s no city like Karachi, do you agree?

You can’t deny the fact that there’s no city like Karachi. And while we agree it isn’t the most scenic among like Islamabad and Lahore, there’s something that makes it the most special city and the internet agrees!

Jo baat hai!

This one speciality beats them all!

Khanday peenday loug:

Karachi Karachi hai yar:




Karachi jaisi baat kahan:

Can sense city wars under this tweet:

Because the night life is crazy:

A city that has it all!


For everyone who’s never been yo the city:

Zinda dilaanay sheher:

And shots were fired:

Yeh cheez!

Karachi chalta hai toh Pakistan palta hai:

Ziada hi ho gaya:

For real!

What do you think about Karachi? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Karachi is HOME ❤️❤️❤️….love it with all its garbage and broken roads and sewerage filled streets. No place like MY KARACHI!

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