There’s A New Self-Proclaimed PM Of Tiktok & The Internet Is In Fits!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves because there’s a new PM in the town, Kashif Khan, who claims to be the PM of Tiktok! And the video where’s he taking the oath promising an end to injustice to Tiktok is making rounds on social media:

And the iconic oath taking ceremony has the netizens in fits!

Some couldn’t stop laughing!

Yeah, that’s not an option:

People were sharing their reactions with apt memes:

I guess time will tell:



Hahaha, adds to the feels!


People were living for the background music:

It sure is:

Some were comparing the guy to Farhan Saeed:

They sure do!

It’s a little world of their own:

He has a ton of fans already!


It’s all in the details!

People had questions:

Are we?

What are your thoughts on this self proclaimed PM of Tiktok? Let us know in the comments below!

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