5 Food Trends Of The Pakistani Restaurant Scene That We Can’t Eat Enough Of!

Pakistan is home to great food, and hardly anyone can deny that. From the best of desi to an array on international fusion, there’s something for everyone to enjoy out here! However, what we love even more are the ever-new trends that pop up at these restaurants all around the country!

From a new mix of desserts to new gastronomic delights being offered, there are some trends which take over the whole country and their taste buds!

But, what are the trends we love the most? Diva has the lowdown…


Lotus Heaven

Earlier there was Nutella, and now everything is Lotus! We’re not complaining and in fact, we endorse it! The experimenting desserts we find all around the country where the infamous Lotus spread is being used in various ways is making us drool a lot and we wouldn’t mind a Lotus cheesecake right about now!

Donuts Galore

Remember the times when there was literally one doughnut shop in the whole country? We do! We are so glad there are a million options now and we can go from Easy to Loki and get a kaleidoscope of flavours! Espresso flavour, anyone?


Pan Asian Spread

There was a time when eating Chinese probably meant going for a desi version of a ‘Manchurian.’ Well, thank God we’ve moved miles ahead from that. We have restaurants that are looking at Pan Asian fusion today and acing it! Get a wok or go for Korean fried chicken and you won’t regret it!

Fried and Greasy

With great food comes great gluttony and we’re proving it! There are now restaurants that specialise in the heart attack specials such as greasy burgers or Pizzas that tantalise the soul and clog our arteries (in a good way?), and we can’t stop eating there. Perhaps, eat nothing else the whole day and go eat the new fried and greasies we have around us now.


Culture Vulture

Desi high-end is the niche we are seeing, and a restaurant like The East End in Karachi started it all. Today, we see even more of it and now, we see many different minorities bringing their cuisines to the table as well! Be it Thaal or Bohra Dastarkhwan, there’s now beautiful representation, and we love it.


What food trend do you love the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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