There’s a Gulaab Jaamun pizza introduced now and the internet is livid!

Pizza and gulaab jaamuns are two things we love, but imagine the two together… A picture of an apparent dessert pizza has been going viral all over social media:

And the internet is just not okay with it:

Comedian Ali Gul Pir found the origin!

Veena Malik too agreed:

But some thought it was the cheeni wala paratha that started it all:

Some were calling it culinary harassment:

Italy hum sharminda hain:

Umm, we’d rather starve:

People were concerned about the gulaab jaamuns:


We do…


People were requesting Imran Khan to fight for this too:

You can’t!

Some had finally connected the dots:

Sir please, no:

Wait, what?

Brb, about to throw up:

We hope so!

We feel attacked:

The end of the world I think:

And while many were not happy with the dish, some were actually up for it:


It had some salivating:

People had the recipe figured out:

What do you think about this confused Italian-desi cuisine? Let us know in the comments below!

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