The tables have turned in Khaas and we’re living for it!

As the drama serial Khaas enters its final phase, we’ve been getting to see Ammar getting hit in the face by karma, thanks to Salma!

On the other side, the audience is loving the relationship dynamic between Saba and Faakhir which is full of love, respect and mutual understanding, just like it should be. We see our Saba picking herself up after Ammar crushed her self esteem, the little exchanges between Faakhir and Saba are nothing but empowering and melt our hearts!

We see Faakhir encouraging Saba to be her best self and to believe in herself and her capabilities like she used to do before getting married to Ammar. Faakhir is setting up a great example of what a husband should be like and honestly in a world full of Ammars, seeing a character like Faakhir is very refreshing!

Another character that really blew us away is that of Salma’s which is executed to perfection by Hira Tareen who is giving Ammar and his family a taste of their own medicine:

The unapologetic Salma has easily become one of the most favorite characters in the drama for the audience due to her strong and independent personality:

Ammar on the other hand is suffering the same way he made Saba suffer and the audience is enjoying it, like really enjoying it! Seeing the narcissist Ammar’s self esteem get crushed by Salma is the sukoon we all need!

And its not just the fans but even Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman Khan love seeing Ammar be at his very miserable:

The netizens too have been loving the drama and think everyone should watch it:

People have been fans of Saba Faisal’s role in the drama:

Yes please!

Marry someone who hypes you up like Faakhir!

People even shared clips from the drama on the #WorldMentalHealthDay to raise awareness:

You go, Salma!

The love that Hira Tareen has been getting for Salma is well deserved:

People had a newfound appreciation for Faakhir:

People were also questioning the toxic phupho in the drama:

Men like Faakhir>>>

People are calling it the drama of the year despite very tough competition:

With all that being said, we think everyone should watch the drama and learn from it!

Are you loving Khaas? Let us know in the comments below!

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