5 Pakistani Drama Endings of 2020 That Left the Fans Either Loving It or Divided!

Pakistani dramas have enticed the audiences time and again, and this year was no different. There have been many stories to love, and of course, like always, many to dislike too. But, with all the plethora of dramas around us, which ones truly kept everyone either rooting for it or questioning it the most?

Well, there were many like that. From dramatic forgiveness to finding love in the end, a number Pakistani dramas kept us rooting for them this year, all the while also questioning some of them.

However, which ones truly took the cake for having the most people divided on their finale? Diva has the lowdown…



A show that had all the ingredients to make it huge in 2020, Ishqiya leftt he audiences either questioning the end or hating how it didn’t turn out to be a happy one. The story of  Rumi, Hamza and Hamna really didn’t end the way people wanted, and the whole confrontational bits instead made people dislike the end, despite the show being massively loved!


Pyar Ke Sadqay

A much loved ending that people still cannot stop talking about, Pyar Ke Sadqay truly won hearts with its finale. We saw Abdullah and Mahjabeen getting a happy ending that everyone could root for and had wished for. For a show that was classy, understated and fun, the ending really did go with the flow in a perfect way.



A drama with such a tragic end that the audiences couldn’t stop questioning it, Kashf had almost everyone crying. We saw the demise of the eponymous character in the last episode, along with Wajdaan breaking down. The episode left the audiences in love with the show even more, despite the finale making them cry buckets.


The audiences had a love affair with Sabaat since the day it started, and it ended on a similar note. The drama chose to end on a simple note with happy conclusions for all, and that is of course, something that the Pakistani fans love. We saw the beautiful reunions of Miraal and Haris, along with Anaya and Hassan, making this drama ending one that just had everyone’s hearts melting.


Not many dramas could have so much going on in them at once, but Muqaddar really did. There were many dramatic incidents in the drama that made people gasp but the ending truly did that the most. Dividing audiences between the question of glorification of an abusive relationship and narcissism to others thinking that nothing’s better than forgiveness, the scenes between Raima and Farkhanda Begum left many questions unanswered.


Which Pakistani drama ending did you like the most this year? Tell us in the comment section below.

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