The One: Everybody Loves Fahad Mustafa – Here’s Why!

The Pakistani film industry may be nascent and still learning to stand on its feet, but we have a bonafide talent pool which has proven itself time and again through the mega-blockbusters releasing in the last decade. One such shining example of this revolutionary change is none other than Fahad Mustafa!

Call him a people’s actor or praise him for his versatility, not many like Fahad Mustafa exist in the industry, and for that, we can’t help but love the Mah-e-Mir actor for all the energy that he brings!

What makes him someone we all love to love? Diva has the lowdown…

He’s a Big Ball of Energy!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, chances are you’re very well aware of Fahad’s dynamic energy that makes him a force to reckon with! Be it a show like Jeeto Pakistan or his antics on set, he’s a full-time entertainer!

He’s a Fitness Freak!

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Leave it to Fahad to put many actors to shame with his perfect physique! He doesn’t really have to display his six-packs all the time for people to believe him, but he’s definitely someone we know loves the gym and has the bodacious bod to prove it!

He Can Act The House Down!

His awards are already a testament to what a great actor he is, but more than all the accolades, it’s the raw love fans have given his versatility in acting that proves he’s a bravura skilled actor! Can anyone ever forget a show like Main Abdul Qadir Hoon or a film like Actor in Law? We don’t think so!

He Has His Own Unique Style!

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Stars love to boast about their huge wardrobes, but Fahad has his own fair display of ensembles that he shows but never shows-off! From his perfectly tailored suits to his funky kurtas for Jeeto Pakistan, he’s a true believer of the ‘wear what you feel comfortable in’ mantra!

He’s The Perfect Family Man!

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We love a man who balances his family and career oh-so-perfectly, and Fahad is such a great example of that. He’s a doting father, and in every way, he makes sure that his children and wife get to enjoy the perks of life while also being sheltered for the paparazzi lifestyle. Who doesn’t love that?

He’s a Great Performer!

He’s always proven that he’s amazing in front of the camera, but many don’t realise he’s equally perfect even without the camera’s rolling! Be it his award show performances or his perfect dance skills – parts of which are visible in every film that he does – he can bust a move and make it look brilliant!

He Loves His Wanderlust!

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What’s an actor who doesn’t live it up and makes sure the world knows about it, right? Well, leave it to Fahad to make us fall in love with every place he goes to because he can’t stop but show us a part of his life when he travels! Keep the pictures coming, Fahad, we love it!

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