The man who hurled abuses at Sarfaraz apologizes after facing severe backlash

After the poor performance of the Pakistani team in the World Cup matches, people have been furious over the fitness of the team. One man however, went a little too far after he filmed himself calling Sarfaraz ‘fat like a pig’ and that too when Sarfaraz was out in public with his son:


After the video went viral, it angered a ton people because of the way this guy was hurling abuses at Sarfaraz, harassing him and invading his privacy. People expressed their disappointment over social media:


Not right, at all!


No right to humiliate!


Many demanded that he be arrested for harassing the captain:


We don’t:


Would have served him right:


People said it was very low of this man to disrespect Sarfaraz like this:


People were disappointed:


Absolutely no need!


People were furious!


And while there was this guy, another guy shared a clip of encouraging the captain the next matches and its the cutest thing you’ll see today!


People were lauding Sarfaraz for being a well behaved man and not losing his temper:


People praised Sarfaraz for keeping his cool:


They were proud of their captain for his patience:


People said how body shaming Sarfaraz was what led to this:


Many agreed how there was no justification for this:


People pointed out how we need be less of cyber vigilantes and more of a human to show basic ethics:


After receiving a ton of backlash from the netizens, the man then released an apology video


In the video, the man can be seen saying that he didn’t know how the video circulated on the internet. He also mentioned that he didn’t know that Sarfaraz was with his son and that he was a Haafiz-e-Quran. But people were still angry:


People found his apology to be half hearted:


Many had the view that this guy should be made an example for misbehaving, so that others don’t do the same:


Some thought he should have a harassment case filed against him:


Many said he only apologized because he got caught:


Many said they didn’t find his apology to be sincere:


People were mad because he was trying to justify his poor behavior rather than admitting it was wrong behavior regardless of Sarfaraz being with family or haafiz-e-Quran:


Many pointed out how he was being unreasonable for saying that he didn’t know how the video made its way to the internet:


No matter how poorly the team performs, no one has the right to harass and humiliate the team members like this. We condemn this toxic approach and hope better sense prevails, we stand with you Sarfaraz and team Pakistan!

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  1. It’s very shameful uk police should take a action because uk hosting World Cup 2019 .for the future of Pakistan cricket we should take voice against him at least he deserve punishment and the second things I know him but pretty confused even her profile 1 of his friend the same day ‘ it’s lodded 👍’it’s means apology lodded or the video which he shot with unrespectfull manner

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