The internet stands with Nasir Khan Jan after he was bullied on a morning show

Nasir Khan Jan is not a new name when it comes to viral social media sensations. With videos that gather thousands of comments, likes and shares from people around the country, Nasir Khan Jan is living his best life. And then we have our morning show content which has been going unmonitored for years now.

Nasir Khan Jan was invited as a guest on Samaa’s morning show Naya Din hosted by Muhammad Shuaeb. The interview caught a ton of attention when a clip of the host belittling Nasir Khan Jan for his choice of content surfaced the internet. In the clip below you can see how aggressively Muhammad Shuaeb is belittling his guest, hurling insults one after another and not letting Nasir Khan Jan complete his sentences.

The real tea is that Nasir Khan Jan uploaded a video of rehearsals on his YouTube channel where the hist was seen being friendly and well-behaved towards him, but when the show was aired, the host had a completely different tone and kept on calling him vulgar and being self-righteous saying ‘oh, I’d never do something this vulgar.’

People were appalled at the way this host kept on hurling insults at Nasir Khan Jan while he remained calm and composed in demeanor when compared to the under-skilled and overly aggressive host.

The internet quickly came to Nasir Khan Jan’s defense and criticized the channel and the host, and honestly, we’re proud of these people! The hashtag #NasirKhanJan became the top trend in no time as the video surfaced:

Exactly, why call him to the show in the first place?

Agreed, a 100%

Yep, ridiculous is the word

Time for the host and channel to learn something out of this matter

Even we are proud of the way Nasir Khan Jan dealt with the host

Couldn’t have said better!

Aptly put.


People have been signing a petition to remove the anchor from the show for his distasteful behavior

The thing is that when you’re INVITING someone to a show, you HAVE to respect them no matter what. Also, it was great to see how a ‘vulgar content creator’ in Nasir Khan Jan kept his calm and answered maturely in front of a ‘qualified journalist’ who couldn’t keep his cool.

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