11 Ramadan delicacies you just can’t miss

Ramadan is here, yayyy, which means apart from altering our way of life, we also alter our menus for Sehri and Iftaar. Here are 11 Ramadan delicacies that you cannot miss!



Forget your cereal and try Khajla for Sehri, not only does it taste delicious but it also keeps you full for longer.



Similar to Khajla, pheni is the string variant of khajla and makes for a wholesome meal at Sehri, the makers of Khajla and Pheni claim that when consumed a person may not feel hunger and thirst during their fast.



Even if you don’t particularly like them, make sure you acquire the taste for them because dates are the real deal. From improving bone health and fertility to promoting healthy skin and everything in between, dates are great!


Dahi Baray

Meethay ya saaday, they’re simply delicious! If you still haven’t tried them, you NEEEEED to try them out today, sprinkle a bit of chaat masala and some paapri for added crunch and thank us later!


Rooh Afza

Ramadan is the time for Rooh Afza to shine and honestly with Rooh Afza, the possibilities are endless! Add in to your milk or squeeze in some fresh lemons and basil seeds and you have a drink so refreshing.



With so many variations to try, you can never get enough of Pakoras!



They come in different shapes and sizes and oh, each one of them tastes heavenly! Try different variations to find out your perfect samosa, you awe-samosa!


Fruit Chat

Ramadan is that one time where you can reset your body and your eating habits. If you skip on fruit chaat and dive directly into the fried goodness, you’re missing out on a lot!


Now we agree this ain’t your typical iftaari item but trust us a plate of haleem will definitely get you into a food coma.


Chana Chaat

Ramadan mei chana chaat nai khayi toh kya khaya? Chana chaat is a must have, no questions asked.


Mango Lassi

The king of all fruits combined with the holy grail of all desi drinks makes a combination to die for! Quench your thirst with Mango Lassi or hey, even the normal lassi in Iftaar to beat the heat.


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