The internet is torn about Mohsin Abbas Haider being fired from Dunya News


Mohsin Abbas Haider has been in hot waters ever since his wife Fatema Sohail accused him of domestic violence and cheating. Both did press conferences of their own swearing on the Holy book.


However people have been really furious over Dunya News still having Mohsin in the Mazaq Raat episodes being aired on TV and demanded that they immediately fire Mohsin.


However, the episodes being aired that have Mohsin Abbas Haider are pre-recorded:


And people have been appreciating the step:


People were lauding Dunya News:


Many were thankful:


People were living for it:





But some fans were bitter!


There were some who thought Fatema had played the woman card really well:


Many thought it was an unfair decision:


Some have decided to boycott the show:




What’s not to understand here?


Lol, inki baat suno zara:


Many wanted him to be in the show:


The media fraternity too stood united against Mohsin Abbas Haider to prove that there’s zero tolerance for domestic abuse:







Some were unhappy on both parties using Quran as a prop:


But their concerns were answered:


Khalid Butt, the man who had introduced Mohsin to the industry and had worked with him for 6 years, spoke over the matter as well:


Mirza Gohar Rasheed actually made an appearance on a news channel


He also answered the reason he kept quiet on the issue:


And extended his support for Fatema hoping that Mohsin is made an example of:


What do you think about Dunya TV’s decision to fire Mohsin Abbas Haider? Let us know in the comments below

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