The internet is schooling Shaheen Afridi on his racist comments targeting a journalist

Shaheen Afridi is one heck of a gem in the squad, but the cricketer has been under fire for his racist remarks to a journalist:

The journalist, Asghar Ali Mubarak, made a video demanding a public and a verbal apology from Shaheen Afridi for the racist remarks made. And the internet has a lot to say!

Many were calling out the journalist of using the racial slur himself:

Some were calling it ‘uncalled negativity:’

Fans were disappointed:

People came forward to support the reporter:

Some suggested that PCB should start offering a course in ethics as well:

People were tagging PCB to look into the matter:

Many were accusing the journalist a ‘controversy seeker:’

Some shared how they had actually seen the entire presser and that the clip was taken out of context:

Some didn’t find anything wrong:

Lol 😂

He sure is:

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