The iconic MotoRazr is back and people are flipping!

If you’re from the 90s, you’ll probably remember Moto Razr, the flip phone we all loved! And ever since the phones changed, people have been missing the flip phone immensely.
Insert picture of old moto razr

And Motorola has finally listened to us, and is all set to release the iconic flip phone we’ve all been wanting:

And the internet is flipping!


Okay now that’s durable!

People had high expectations:

Bringing back the nostalgia:

Old school razr vs the new razr:

Right now!

Whatever multiverse this is, don’t jinx it!

It even had the iPhone users tempted:

Jeez, finally!

Us too!

We hope so!

The satisfaction of it though>>>

Here’s to sassy hanging ups!

A lot of good memories:

Wishes do come true:

Yes you can, ma’am!

Same 😂

Very enticing indeed:

For real:


People were having regrets:


Hot pink razr has a league of his own:


They will now:

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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