Here are all the dances from Imran Raza Kazmi’s shandlima just in case you’ve missed any!

The CEO of IRK Films, Imran Raza Kazmi tied the knot with Sadia last night in what everyone’s calling a ‘Shandlima’ and it was epic!

And the star studded dances have been going viral all over the internet giving people #MehndiSquadGoals:

Hareem’s thumkas have our heart!

Haye ni tera koka!

Hello, Ranveer Singh who?

Jahan Hareem, Ali Rehman Khan aur Osman hon wahan Billo Hai na ho? Impossible!

Ooof, the energy!

Hum bhi waari jayein!

Meri mummy nu pasand nai tu? WRONG!

The boys were charged!

Jhumka toh gira ray, but with a bhangra twist!

Yeh dance toh waqayi first class hai!

No mehndi is complete without a kattar Punjabi number:

Shaitan ke saalay toh dekhay koi 😍

And of course there was a lot of chham chham:

This dance on Uptown Funk will actually funk you up!

Larki ka toh pata nahi but iss dance ke peechay hum toh pagal hain:

Someone call the fire brigade because the dance floor’s on fire!

All eyes on Obi:

Ali Rehman Khan missing a step or two is the cutest thing you’ll see today:

We’re absolutely digging this version of the song:

How perfect is this solo number:


Which dance did you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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