The hashtag Beautiful Pakistan is a glimpse into Heaven!



Switzerland what? We bet you’ll be asking the same question after you’re done reading this article and will be packing your bags because you’re about to be blown away with what Pakistan has to offer!

In an attempt to promote tourism and show how beautiful Pakistan really is, the hashtag #BeautifulPakistan has been trending on Twitter for quite a while now and the pictures are absolutely breath-taking!


Astola Island, the island of seven hills, is probably what heaven looks like


The lush greenery!


Imagine breathing in this air


Castle on the hill, so majestic!


Definitely a human face!


A true work of art!


Nanga Parbat, a sight that’ll take your breath away!


So much to see, so much to explore!




Oooof, brb, packing my bags!


  1. MY. GOD!




Someone please take us to Neelum Valley 😭




Almost seems like a painting!


The Badshahi Mosque is such a mesmerizing sight!


North Waziristan has beauty of its own:


The beauty of Islamabad captured in one photo


Aansoo lake, named literally after it’s tear drop shape.


Apart from mind boggling landscapes, rich culture and colorful lives, we’re one one of the most hospitable people in the world


If this didn’t convince you to pack your bags and leave, then I really don’t know what will! Let us know your favorite place in the commented below.

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