Divided by borders, united by love for cricket!



Cricket means so much more than just a game in India and Pakistan, we bleed cricket, we breathe cricket! And both the countries have given us phenomenal players over the years that have a great fan following on both sides of the border.

Recently, a man wearing a Pakistani jersey with Virat (Kohli) written on it went viral on Twitter!


As soon as the picture went viral, comments started rolling in from both sides of the border. And surprisingly the comments were full of love and support rather than hate:


All for constructive criticism:


He does, rightly so!


Yaaaas, we love cricket!


People immediaely started comparing this to the incident where a fan wearing Afridi’s jersey was arrested in India

Indian fan jailed for wearing Afridi shirt wants to meet star all-rounder


People started questioning


And Indians themselves drew a picture of what could have happened had the incident taken place in India:


We do!


If only…




But the tweet made sure a lot of people shared their love for cricketers of the opposing team on both sides of the border


People from India couldn’t stop praising the team:


So many fans from India!


Legends for a reason!


People even wished well to Imran Khan as a PM:


These are the tweets that we live for!


Yaaaas? Yaaaas!


Even Pakistanis expressed their love for Indian players:


There was love for Amir and Wahab too!


A spell that’ll be remembered for decades!




Love has no boundaries!


Ummm, no.




India ki baat ho aur chai ka zikr na ho? Not possible :p


One of the tweeps expressed how partition should never have taken place:


A lot more than you think!


Only yesterday Virat Kohli won over a lot of fans globally after he asked the Indian crowd to applaud Steve Smith instead of giving him a hard time by calling him a cheater. The gesture was loved by thousands of people around the world, who are Virat fans now, including us!




Like someone said, cricket has no religion and art has no boundaries, we stan the love both countries share for these amazing cricketers! What cricketer is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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