The Harsh Realities Of Rishta Hunting & The Debate Is On!

We live in a society where the rishta hunting process is already a problematic affair, both the genders are thoroughly scrutinized, some for their looks, some for their complexion, some for their salary and what not.

Having had enough of women being judged, this girl thinks that parents should also take a good look at their sons when scrutinizing women:

And people had a lot to add!

Jo baat hai!

Some argued how problematic this was:

Others fired back shots:


Some gave hope!

We need more people like your brother!

People agreed how this practice should be discouraged:


And mums be wanting chand si bahu for them:


Men too pitched in their 2 cents:

What do you think about the rishta hunting culture? Let us know in the comments below!

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