10 Transformations by Qaisar Baloch From Toni & Guy Islamabad That Will Inspire You To Get a New Hair Colour!

There’s a massive need for a new look after being stuck at home for months, and there are some who can give you that with brilliance in hair transformations! One such name is Qaisar Baloch at Toni & Guy, who we have our eyes on for his amazing hair colour inspirations.

From ice blondes to beautiful hues of brown, Qaisar has given many women and men the transformation they have dreaming of and it has just only started! He’s a diamond in a rough who we have on the Diva radar right now and it’s for all the right reasons.


Don’t believe us? Then check these out for yourselves…


This Metallic Look

Metallics are just what you need to give you that edge without going overboard and Qaisar gives you that perfectly!


The Perfect Do

We love an understated look despite having a new colour in your hair, and Qaisar has won our hearts over by doing that.


The Master of Balayage

To give a transformation that is this perfect is magic on its own. Enough said.


The Dramatics Expert

There’s something about a look that is both dramatic and understated, and Qaisar’s found the middle path in that.



The Simple Yet Elegant

We are suckers for transformation that remain classy and that’s why we have been obsessed by this Toni & Guy Islamabad expert!


The Magician

Come rain or shine, we’ve seen Qaisar transform his clients into belles of the ball, and it’s all thanks to his perseverance!


The True Expert

An inspired ice-blue platinum look can go wrong in so many ways, but of course, not when it’s in Qaisar’s trusted hands!


A Choco Dream

We keep saying it, but truly, Qaisar’s one of the only few stylists we know who has gotten each transformation right without it looking crass-y!


The ‘Fire’ Starter

Thinking of an inspired look? Well, Qaisar’s ready to give it to ya!


A Pearl Affair

And lastly, just tell you haven’t fallen in love with this pearl ash balayage? We can’t stop looking at it!


Which hair transformation do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

  1. Want to know dartail about hair do and other hair treatment , specifically making thin hair volumous. Also plz send me rates of all hair services.

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