UKhano’s Alleged Victim Backtracks on Story, claims to be hacked and the Internet has a lot to say!

Earlier this year a girl came forward to accuse Ukhano of sexual misconduct and many others followed with screenshots of similar nature.

One of the girls who accused him of rape, took to Facebook saying that she has no knowledge of the comment made because her account was hacked:

And the internet was torn!

People were trending the hashtag #UkhanoFalselyAccused:

Some were calling her a disaster:

People wanted the court to catch the alleged hackers and punish the person at fault:

Many were upset that the #MeToo movement was being misused:

People were bashing her for ruining Ukhano’s reputation:

Many were convinced that a court notice led her to put this status up:

People were calling her a 2 takkay ki aurat, inspired by Meray Pas Tum Ho:

Ukhano himself shared the girl’s Facebook post to twitter:

And while a ton were busy bashing the woman, some are convinced that she was threatened and blackmailed into it:

The girl has also left Twitter which further convinced people that there was something shady about it:

People were mad at him:

Many were appalled at the victim blaming:

Some were just not sold:

What do you think about this case? Let us know in the comments below!

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