People are busy deciding what they’re gonna tell their kids and it’s absolutely hilarious

The internet never fails to amaze us, every new day there’s something new trending. And since yesterday, there’s been a trend going around where people are deciding what they’re gonna tell their kids and it’s going to make you LOL!

To all the football fans:

Everyone meet Keanu Reeves:

Steve Jobs 😂

Hello Gordon Ramsay!

No one like SRK:

Dekho ayi ayi ayi sona son pari ayi:

Itne jatan ke badh:

Pooja, what’s this behaviour?

For science:

I know you want me~





Which one is Nick Jonas though?

I came in like a wrecking balllllll~

Ghalib film dekhi hai ap ne?

Jab ziada baarish hoti hai toh…

Dead! 😂

Jason Statham dies a little everytime this week is retweeted:

All hail to sir Alex Ferguson:

The undisputed Khan of Bollywood:

Mr. Bajaaj:

We’re all here for love~


Now that was smooooooth!

The real Indiana Jones:


It sure is 😭

Up, up and away!

Oh boy 😍



Global warming ready to kill our plans like:

Some were downright savage!

What are you going to tell your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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