The Gen-Z Takeover: 10 Pakistani Brands Reshaping Fashion

It’s a Gen-Z fashion world now, and there would hardly be a critic out there that would disagree. They make the trends, they tell you what’s in and what’s out – and what can we say, it’s pretty much how the cookie crumbles!  In Pakistan too, long gone are the days of couture ruling the roost as the boys and girls of fashion don on their streetwear and make it all look oh so effortless.

But, which ones are truly taking over the market and showing us that it’s beyond just traditional fast fashion and the hundred bridal campaigns, which the Pakistani fashion industry has relied on for years? Diva explores…



MXJ – The Pakistani Flair Meets Streetwear

One of the few brands who are doing streetwear right, MXJ has taken the fresh looks to a whole new level by infusing it with a distinctive Pakistani flair. Vibrant, striking colors that resonate with Gen Z’s energy make MXJ a go-to choice for those who want to rock a unique style. From bold graphic tees to trendy sneakers, MXJ has Gen Z in mind with every stitch!


Collected– The Fusion of Asian Flair

A brand that has taken the idea of finding unique pieces and making them fashion-forward, Collected’s eclectic and curated pieces perfectly embodies the diversity of Gen Z fashion. With Asian influences combined with western silhouettes, it offers the right blend for the new generation. Think bold prints, sleek lines, and an attitude that’s unapologetically modern.


Namah ­– Luxurious Runway Ready

Who doesn’t love a fashion statement? For us, Namah is doing that to a tee!  Not only is it embracing the luxuriously fashion-forward side of Gen Z, but their body-hugging dresses and modern touches are simply to die for. For those who crave the spotlight and a touch of elegance!


Aomi – The Luxury Streetwear Sensation

Brands that are chic and perfect for the streets are exactly where it’s at now, and Aomi is effortlessly encapsulating this Pakistani streetwear trend. While we do feel that brands like Rastah are giving others a run for their money, this one’s a close second. If you’re into luxury streetwear with a Pakistani twist, Aomi should be on your radar.

Binary – Redefining Masculinity

Who doesn’t love a brand that stands out for its statements? Binary brings relaxed fits and a unique design to the table, playing with comfortable styles and a masculine fashion sense that’s both forward-thinking and wearable. It’s the brand for those who dare to redefine fashion on their terms and they are far from trying to be a copycat to any brand around them!


Isikeli – Minimalistic Gen Z Vibes

If you’re one of those who needs a brand that isn’t screaming too loud to be noticed and loves their subtle vibe, look no further than Isikeli. It brings a touch of classy western design with understated looks. The result? An alternate Gen Z vibe that’s understated, classy, and absolutely lovable.


Manto – Embracing Subcontinental Culture

Just when you thought it was rare to find brands that understand the richness of Subcontinental culture, out came Manto! it is all about embracing the richness of Pakistani and South Asian art and craft. With a classy and ethnically inspired collection, this brand beautifully embodies the art and vibe of Urdu and our culture. Gen Z, meet your cultural fashion haven.


Raa-ay – Casual Streetwear with a Twist

Fast fashion could have a cultural twist too and Raa-ay is all about that! From eclectic t-shirts and pieces that scream out underrated Gen Z looks; this brand is perfect for those who like their streetwear with a casual yet trendy twist. It’s all about standing out without shouting – and that’s the vibe we all love.


Saaz –Handcrafted Goodness

Call us old-fashioned, but we love the homeliness of handcrafted. And Saaz is really taking you on thatjourney! From handcrafted leather huarache shoes that pay homage to Pakistani culture to edgy showstopper outfits, it’s the brand for those who want to express their love for fashion while staying true to their roots.


Mikado – Simple Cuts & An Edge

Gen Z has given everybody the memo that they want fashion which doesn’t have too many things going on with it, and Mikado takes that simple formula to the best point it can! From understated cuts to adding a fashion flair to them with embellishments and threadwork, Mikado truly is an up-and-coming brand that’s perfect for those who want to keep their fashion game high but chill.

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