Taher Shah releases his new song Farishta and people are dropping hilarious memes!

With the lock down putting us all in gloomy moods, Taher Shah has proven to be a ray of hope yet again for many of us! With what was scheduled to be released on 3rd April was postponed to 10th April and the anticipation was crazy! Fans were growing impatient for Taher Shah’s new song and thank god it’s finally here:

Taher Shah shared the news to twitter about his new song Farishta and people just can’t stop making memes!


Kya hai yar!

Up, up and away!



Isiliye kehte hain reviews parh ke mangwaya karo:

Legit Abhinandan:

Main doob raha hoon, abhi dooba toh nahi hoon:

Lacan stands proud!

Umm, we have a feeling you downloaded the wrong one:

Uh oh!

I’m sorry, Karan Johar who?

That’s us, everyday!

Haye, zaalim samaaj!

To all the Harry Potter fans, with love:

Bus kardoh, rulaaogay kya?

Some couldn’t help but reminisce about the old times:

Yeah, I’ll have the same thing he’s having 😂

If our favourite shair had a picture:


One last ice cream before I start my diet:

Sabr ka meetha phhal:

Count us in!

Some found their favourite scenes from Game of Thrones in the video:

Ten marks if you remember this!

Yar 😂

Bhai bhai bhai bhai, yeh toh maamla kharab ho gaya:

If being nice is a crime, arrest me!

Mouqa bhi hai, maahol bhi, haalaat bhi:

Mohabbat ho toh aisi:

Tough competition, huh?

Someone actually made a thread for poetry lovers and the pictures fit the prose perfectly!

What memes did you like the best and what do you think about Farishta? Let us know in the comments below!

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