Abida Parveen sings Ranjish hi sahi in a live session with Faisal Kapadia and we’re getting goosebumps!

With celebrities trying their best to keep us entertained and occupied with their live sessions on Instagram during quarantine, we witnessed one of the most iconic duo coming together for a live session. Faisal Kapadia from Strings invited the legendary Abida Parveen to join him in his live session and the outcome was absolutely EPIC!

Abida Parveen blessed us with Ranjish hi Sahi and the internet still has goosebumps from the surreal experience:

He’s representing all of us!

We didn’t either:

People were living for the live session:

Some could relate to her on a very personal level:

It was a much needed therapy session for many:

People were in tears:

Some were kicking themselves for missing the live session:

We know right?




People were very much in love:

Exactly, you are!

The only queen we stan!

Humara bhi!

Jo baat hai!

People were also loving the question and answers in the live:

True that!

It had some feeling emotional:

Yeh cheez!

Some were actually tweeting their favourite quotes from Abida Parveen:

Did you watch the live session or are you cursing yourself for missing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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