Surprised At The Entry Fee To A Mall In Islamabad, These Karachiites Have The Most Hilarious Reaction!

Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are cities that are worlds apart despite being in the same country. And when people visit these cities, their reactions are always priceless!

Visiting Islamabad and one of its malls, these Karachiites were shocked when they had to pay a fee just to enter the mall. Feeling scammed, the two decided to share their dukh-bhari dastan with the internet:

And the netizens are way too amused!


People from across the border were shook too!

Hahaha, yes!

Y’alls rich!



People were comparing Lucky One and Centaurus:





Lol 😂

Yeh bhi hai!

And while some people had their reservation on why there was an entry fee, others explained why:

People were suggesting that they charge an entry fee at Karachi’s Lucky One mall too:

People were also sharing how the amount can be used inside:


Life hack!

What do you think of their reaction? Let us know in the comments below!

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