Pakistanis Share How Eden Roc’s Prickly Heat Powder Was Their First AC & We Can Relate!

Someone on twitter shared the iconic Eden Roc prickly heat powder that most of us have used back in the days when ACs were rare and used for special occasions:

And netizens were taken back to the good old days!

But aj kal Islamabad and Lahore need it!


It sure did!


Hahaha, han!

Jo baat hai!

We’ve all been here!

Us too!

Dozakh mei bhi kaam karega:

Kaheen cocomo kam ho rahay hain, kaheen cooling:

Haha, same!


Milta hai, sub jagah!

Ab neend kahan ati hai 😭

Wait, for real? *ordering a bottle right now*


Have you experienced the magic of this powder? Let us know in the comments below!

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