Students Flood Twitter With Memes For Shafqat Mehmood To Cancel The 2021 Exams!

The pandemic and it’s ongoing third wave has the world stopping once again, most countries have resorted to online classes since again instead of physical classes.

Students all over the world are facing the same problems, which includes the ineffectiveness of online classes and passing the exams! With the third wave catching up, more than 10 counties have cancelled their 2021 examinations and students are now looking at Shafqat Mehmood hoping that he’ll do the same!

And they are not coming slow!




Oh bhaeee 😂


The memes are spot on!


Savage Shafqat sahab!


Sir pls:




Yar 😂


NAI Murli from Munna Bhai style




Rani from Ehd-e-Wafa made it to the memes as well:


Yehi namaz pass honay ke liye bhi parh sakte the 👀


Memes hi memes!


Students were cancelling their friendship with Shafqat Mehmood:






Khushi dekho:


Aray Bhai, parhlo?


People were waiting to see their efforts being paid off:


They had their reasons:




YouTubers ki chaandi:


What do you think about the students wanting to have the 2021 exams cancelled? Is it a fair demand? Let us know in the comments below!

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