People Just Can’t Get Over How Well Sana Javed Is Playing Amal In Dunk & We Agree!

Every Wednesday, Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas leave us gasping for air after their brilliant performances! And yesterday, our very own Amal knocked it out of the park playing the perfect little psychopath one can imagine!

And her acting has blown the fans away as they unanimously agree that no one could have played Amal better than Sana Javed. Making #SanaJavedAsAmal one of the too trends on twitter, the fans have nothing but high praise for the acting genius:

Same 😭


Couldn’t have said better:

People were comparing her to Hollywood psychopaths:

People were also comparing her to Disney’s most iconic villain, Maleficent:

Her acting stands unmatched!

Can’t argue with that:

Fans were itching to see her act as a villain:

People were calling her an acting legend:

One of the finest acting duos the industry has right now:

A smooth criminal?

Can’t wait to see what she has planned next:

People thought that she was born for this role:

We’re in the same boat!

Her fans were proud of her!

Fans found the performances to be chilling and gripping:

Are you keeping up with Dunk? What do you think of Amal’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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