SRK’s Netflix series Bard of Blood stereotypes Muslims & the Internet is fuming


Amidst the tensions between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir, Shahrukh Khan, in collaboration with Netflix India thought it was a good time to cash on the political tensions with his series called Bard of Blood.


The trailer portrays Muslims as terrorists, something that Bollywood has been doing for decades. The series is based off of the book The Bard of Blood written by Bilal Siddiqi:


As soon as the trailer was shared, it was trending on number 2 on Twitter in Pakistan:


And people were absolutely livid!


Many were calling him out on cashing on the stereotypes:


The most disappointing bit was this series coming from Muslims themselves:


This indeed is the very issue that Mehwish Hayat has been fighting for:


Some called the actors dumb for taking up the series:




Some suggested they make a series on real events:


Many thanked Quaid-e-Azam for Pakistan:

Respect has left the chat:


Even a few fellow Indians thought this was ill-timed:




Some commented on the downhill of Netflix in terms of content:


People were questioning if these Muslim actors had no other work:


Some thought it was a part of propoganda:


People wanted the Veer-Zara SRK back:


People were thoroughly disappointed:


Some took a dig at their content only running when based on Paksitan:


Many were calling this out as an attempt to prove loyalty to India:


Many found it to be irresponsible content:


Some didn’t even find the trailer to be all that good:


Many thought Shahrukh Khan did this to be in good books:


Some cancelled Bollywood!


Using Muslims to promote hate, wow!


Please! Find something better to do man:


Many were popping the bubble that some Indians live in via their movies:




What do you think about Bard of Blood? Let us know in the comments below!

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