Sports Anchor Fazeela Calls Out PSL Over Posting #PawriHoraiHai But People Think There’s Nothing Wrong In It!


PSL season is in it’s full swing, memes and banter are in the air! Amid the excitement, the official PSL account posted a video of Dananeer, the girl who went viral for her ‘pawri ho rai hai’ video:

The harmless video was met with a ton of criticism with people complaining that they were sick of seeing the meme everywhere, but sports anchor Fazeela Saba Kashif had a different critique:

The netizens, however, did not find themselves on the same page as her:

Some shared how one doesn’t need to comment on everything they come across:

People wanted to know the reason:

Some thought her critique was intended to gather ‘publicity:’

People were sharing how art is subjective:

Some thought she was speaking out of jealousy:

Some shared how women shouldnt be bringing other women down:

Some suggested that she stops watching it if she doesn’t like it:

People who weren’t fans of the pawri meme found nothing wrong with PSL account posting the video:

Some thought she wanted attention:

Some threw shade at her with an old video:

People were curious to know:

People were asking her to stop hating on it:

What do you think about Fazeela’s take on the type on content? Share with us in the comments below!



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